Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Hi lovelies, today I am going to take you in my favourite online store Zaful. Now it is time for Zaful Double 11. It means 11th November, the day Chinese people go crazy in internet shopping. Being a part of Double 11, Zaful is offering a huge discount. Do not miss the opportunity, you may regret it later.

Today I am wearing Zaful’s white color, full sleeves, V collar sweater. The temperature just started to cool down a little in last couple of days at Kolkata. It is so warm that I have a hard time to keep it in my body today. It is a perfect fit in winter. Good thing is it is thin type, which I like, not a thick one. I am wearing it with a blue Kanjivaram Saree and with Salwer Kamiz. But it will look great if teenagers wear it with jeans.

Click on picture to see sweater collections

I am wearing Zaful,s yellow color, full sleeves, round collar sweater with a bow. I has a smooth soft touch just like silk. It is very warm. I am wearing it with a green Kanjivaram Saree and with Patiala Suit. Teenagers may match it with jeans or skirt. It will look cute.

Click on picture to see sweater collections

Click on picture to see sweater collections

I am wearing a Zafu’s wrist watch. You can found it in Accessories. Mostly it is available in a throw away price. This looks so elegant that I have hard time to believe that it is available in such a price, when I got it.

Click on picture to see wrist watch collections

So my dear visit Zaful on Double 11. 


  1. cool post dear!

  2. Woow dear, amazing picture. I love it.
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    1. Thank you so much.
      I am already following you for a long time.

  3. its amazing girl..! love you outfit.... online shopping in lahore