Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Sherwani is a traditional Indian dress. It is a long coat like garment worn over a kurta with a combination of churidar, pajama or salwar (trouser). It is associated with Indian subcontinent and mostly used in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It is also the national dress for men in Pakistan.

Nowadays in India, it is mostly used as a wedding dress for groom, especially in northern and western states. Sometimes it is also used as wedding dress in eastern and southern India. It is also a popular dress for men in wedding reception.

Sherwani worn with long scarf or a shawl draped over one or both of the shoulders. It is available in a variety of colours with varying degree of embroidery, whatever suits your style and budget. Red, maroon and golden is the most popular colour options for groom. But many of the grooms also prefer colours like white, off-white, cream, brown, gray for their sherawani. There is also black, which goes perfectly with any wedding. The exact colour of sherawani depends upon the timing of the wedding (day or night) and the complexion of groom.

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